2014 Fall Fashion Trends

August 19, 2014

August, 2014

Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

Runway Trends

What can we learn?

The latest reports from runways in New York and London have suggested new trends to watch for in Menswear for Fall 2014.

Mankets, a patterned blanket that is worn across the one shoulder while out for a walk is one such trend.  Large hand bags are also expected to accessorize men this fall. Bright orange outfits will drench us in colour and really, really tight short pants will be the choice for fall.

Ok, so that’s a little over the top for most of us. Remember that Designer fashion suggests trends, often in an extreme iteration, but for you and I in everyday wear they are usually toned down somewhat.

I don’t think Mankets will make mainstream; you can cancel your accessory shopping trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond. But what can we learn from these latest trends?

Earth Tones

Slim fit

What was once a wardrobe basic– The Olive Suit might be coming back! Designers have been showing olive in their collections. It’s probably a sign of things to come and about time. Olive is a very versatile colour that’s flatters many complexions.

Another interesting offering to note was the emergence of brown tones in formal wear, tuxedos, dinner jackets, as well as velour jackets. When we combine this influence with the smattering of Olive and splash of orange we saw at the shows we are lead to two words. Earth tones. With Charcoal and Banker’s Grey taking over business wear the last few years, earth tones are a welcome development.

We saw full turtlenecks accessorizing some outfits as well. With mock turtlenecks done to death it’s about time for this addition to knitwear.

In conclusion we have to mention tight, short pants.

While you and I might not be wearing them they are certainly a force to be reckoned with. The lesson we can take away here is that a slimmer, clean look in trousers can be flattering. We don’t have to change our pants to spandex, but baggy is definitely out.