What is a Swacket?

November 11, 2015
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One of the most underutilized and misunderstood elements of a gentleman’s wardrobe is the sports jacket.

Few garments in a wardrobe can transform a man like a handsome sports jacket.  Slipping it on over a dress shirt instantly changes how strangers perceive you.  It can provide the right balance of professionalism in an environment where a suit would be overkill, and depending on the fabric and style, the sports jacket can adapt itself to multiple situations.

Originally, sports coats were worn as casual attire for hunting and other outdoor sports (hence the name). With time, they came to be used on more formal occasions. The Blazer, usually solid black or navy found its roots in nautical history and was most often finished with brass buttons.


So we are finally past the sea of chinos and golf shirts at work, but we don’t necessarily want to go back to the navy suit with a white shirt and tie. What to do? Elegant dressing remains important. We want to leave a good impression, but we also want comfort.

A sports jacket is the ultimate in versatility. It can be coordinated with very little effort to go over a wide range of items. It adds a polished look to a dress pant and casual shirt. It can be layered with shirts, vests, scarves, and knits. It can even dress up the infamous golf shirt and (dare I say) jeans.

And now enters the “Swacket”.

A Swacket is a sports jacket made out of a knitted fabric (kind of like a sweater fabric) instead of a woven fabric. These garments stretch and move like a sweater – they are worn closer to the body for a more fitted look – yet because of the knitted fabric they remain comfortable and allow for lots of movement. They are mostly unlined with very soft construction. The Swacket is a very flexible addition to your wardrobe. It can be dressed up and worn as a sports jacket, but looks great over jeans as well. And of course the Swacket is all about comfort and ease.

Over the last year the Swacket has been a fairly exclusive piece in fashion-forward stores, but now it is available from Custom Clothiers as well. What could be better than a soft, comfortable, easy-wear jacket custom fit to you?


In the past there has been some uncertainty on our part when coordinating shirts and pants with patterned or checked sports jackets. Sometimes we have been unsure “what goes with what.” Can I wear a striped shirt with my plaid jacket? It is truly not that hard. Look around at what others are wearing, check out the TV personalities or pick up a fashion magazine. You will find that mixing and matching can create some amazing looks.  A little advice from your favorite fashion adviser can simplify things as well.

Think about the sports jacket in its many forms – it might be the solution you’ve been looking for…