Fall/Winter Suit Looks

September 6, 2020
  • liningbluesuit

With summer coming to an end, it might time to think about what we will be wearing over the Fall and Winter season. Banker’s grey and royal blue still remain the mainstay for updated suit looks. Lighter and mid tone greys have taken over for charcoal, and the navy suit trend has brightened up to a marine blue or even royal blue shade. The single most frequent response I hear from clients who have added the royal blue suit or jacket to their wardrobe is that they can’t believe how many compliments they get on the brighter blue. No question, it stands out against the dreary black, charcoal, and navy that represent our basics. While we see a strong representation of the traditionally Autumnal navies, blacks, and greys, a colour that really stood out at the Fall launch fashion shows was copper. It’s time to replenish your stocks of the rich, orangey-brown shade now.

We’ve also seen our blue and navy suits finished with brown buttons and accented with brown shoes and belts. This gives us a very fresh variation to our older, basic looks. Peak lapels on our single breasted suits has become a very well-accepted fashion statement, but notch lapel remains the most popular. The lower pockets on suit and sport jackets are being set on a small angle, usually about 13 degrees. The angle is greatly increased on the more fashion-forward looks.

lapel brown buttons
A great way to show your personal style is in the suit or jacket lining. Here, anything goes. Bright neon colours, wonderful textures and plaids as well as paisley’s remain very strong patterns for jacket lining. And if you want to go even further, many of the manufacturers offer custom printed lining – have your wedding picture, your business logo, or your favorite sport team colours custom printed on your lining! We mustn’t forget unconstructed jackets (half lined or unlined). They are not just for summer wear, but give a more casual or comfortable look and are ideal for business casual or easy travel.

For suits, subtle windowpanes and plaids are very strong this season. Sport jacket patterns are similar, but bolder and more colourful. Three piece suits are continuing to grow in popularity as well as double-breasted suits. If you’ve missed wearing your double-breasted suits over the last few years, it could be time to revisit this look. The double-breasted suit jackets are still being worn closer to the body with a natural shoulder pad and shaped to compliment a man’s physique. Lapel width has been getting smaller the last few years, but Tom Ford has been showing his double-breasted peak lapels at 4 or more inches wide (compared to the 2.75 of many current suits). It can be a very clean look.
Sport jackets continue their rise in popularity as men have realized just how versatile they are. Worn with jeans, casual shirts, golf shirts, and knits, sport jackets can dress up the most comfortable of wardrobes. The variety of textures, fabrics, and patterns available has never been greater.
It is an interesting time in menswear as fashion is guiding us towards slimmer looks and a modern fit that complements our shape, and yet comfort has never been more important. To marry slim looks with comfort takes an experienced touch. Too often slim fit is equated with tight, uncomfortable clothing. As with everything, it’s all about the balance.