It is a popular myth that frequent dry cleaning is healthy for your custom suits. Most people don’t realize that every time they send a custom suit to the cleaners a small part of it dies. Little do men know that there are ways to maintain a custom made suit so that it looks as good as new for years to come. At C. K. Thomas Custom Apparel we recommend taking special care of your valuable garments.

Taking care of a custom suit requires just a little bit of love and affection for the suit and a whole lot of diligence. However, since we value your investment almost as if it were our own, we have a few tips that will help you maintain your custom suit and keep it looking as good as the day you received it.

8 Useful Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Suit

There are a few things that will ensure that your suit remains fresh and pristine:

 1. Investing in a lint brush will go a long way in preserving your custom suit. After every wear ensure that you run a lint roller down the length and breadth of your suit.

 2. It is a sin to store away your custom suit without airing it first. Fabric survives on air just the way we do. And it keeps the suit odor free, naturally!

3. Never let anything remain in the pockets of your custom suit after taking it off. Not only is this harmful to the shape of the suit, it also wears the fabric out quickly.

 4. Avoid storing your custom suits in wool or plastic bags. It is almost like suffocating your suit! The lack of air supply results in collection of moisture and as a result mildew.

5. Droopy shoulder pads or shoulder pads that are out of shape are the bane of looking good in a suit. Hang your custom suit on a well-padded broad and strong hanger. Our recommendation would be to invest in wooden hangers.

6. Stains absolutely must be removed immediately. Especially food and drink stains. Give your custom suit to a professional for stain removal. Under no circumstances should you try to wash it out.

7. Dry cleaning should be done only once in a season, at the end of it. Suits do not need to be cleaned as regularly as other clothing.

8. And never ever split your suit, and wear the jacket and trousers separately. That will result in the two garments aging differently as a result not looking good when worn together.