mwd105619_sum10_pockettri2_lPocket squares are one of the hottest looks in menswear and can be worn in both casual and dressy blazer looks. Look for styles in a variety of fun colours, prints and patterns to add life to your everyday suit. 


Sporting a pocket square in the breast pocket of a nice suit jacket easily turns the entire ensemble from perfectly fine to superbly refined – making it easy spice up the office and surprise the water-cooler gang with your bold style and sophisticated flare.


Pocket squares make the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and there are a wide variety of ways to fold a pocket square, ranging from the austere to the flamboyant. Be sure to press your pocket square before attempting a fold. This way, your creases will look crisp and neat.


1) The Presidential

This fold is the simplest fold there is (and also our favourite). Fold your square at right angles into quarters to fit in the pocket.

1) The TV fold (Same look as the Presidential)

Similar to the classic presidential, the TV fold begins by folding your square diagonally in half twice so that it looks like a triangle. Next, fold the left corner over- a little more than halfway- and then the right corner. It should look a bit like an envelope at this point. Finally fold the top part down and tuck it in so that there is a top, straight edge.

2) The one-point fold

This fold is much like the presidential fold, except that it is positioned diagonally with the point showing.

3) The two-point fold

Follow the same steps as you would for the presidential fold, but position your square diagonally and with the points off-center so the two points don’t completely overlap.



4) The three-point fold

First fold your pocket square into a triangle, then the corners are folded up and across one another to make three points.

5) The four-point fold

This fold follows the exact same steps as the three-point fold, except that you will position the square off-centered so that four points will show.

6) The Cagney

The Cagney pocket square fold follows the same steps as the four-point fold. This time, however, flip the square around so that the folds are visible to the front.



7) The Astaire

Create a basic round puff and fold two of the points up so that they evenly stick up on both either side of the puff. Again, simply fold the bottom half up and behind so that it fits neatly into your pocket and adjust and arrange where necessary.

8) The straight shell

An easy and sophisticated fold the straight shell requires that you place your material squarely in front of you and simply pleat 3 to 4 times. Then, fold your square over in half to create an appearance of nested shells.

9) The diagonal shell

Very similar to the straight shell pocket square except that you will begin pleating with your square diagonal to you. Pleat 3 to 4 times and then fold your square over in half so that the folds now appear triangularly.



10) The puff

This fairly simple fold can be created by shaping the square into a round puff and then folding the loose ends underneath.

11) The reverse puff

This casual look is easily achieved much the same way as when creating the standard puff – except the puffed end sits inside the breast pocket and the flowery point are adjusted so that they neatly stick out.

12) The winged puff

Fold the square into a diagonal and then loosely fold down the points so that all three ends align at the bottom. Then simply fold the bottom half up and behind so that it fits neatly into your pocket.