The “Go to” Sport Jacket

January 8, 2016
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In the 1991 movie The Fisher King, Robin Williams, as the character Parry, gives us this bit of worldly wisdom. He says “there’s three things in this world that you need: respect for all kinds of life, a nice bowel movement on a regular basis, and a navy blazer.”

Twenty-five years later and it is still great advice., but might I be so bold as to suggest a slight amendment to this bit of wisdom? While the Navy blazer is still a staple to any man’s wardrobe, we are seeing more and more men looking for that perfect “go to” sport jacket; the jacket that can be worn over almost anything, that can adapt to most situations. Is there a sport jacket as versatile as our traditional navy blazer and yet updated to address the wardrobe needs of our time? Is there one that we can wear with a dress shirt and tie, one that can be worn with an open neck shirt for an elegant business casual look, and one we can throw over our jeans to dress it up just a bit?  The answer is yes.

There is a great variety of wonderful fabric available for sport jackets today. If we blend a black or charcoal pattern with a Royal or mid-range blue we would have a jacket that will work with black pants, navy pants, grey tones and yes, even jeans. The pattern needs to be simple and not overly large. Simple window panes, subtle plaids, and herringbones can work nicely. These patterns are subtle enough that they can be worn with a large variety of patterns and are easy to co-ordinate with shirts, ties, and accessories.


We might want this jacket to have a slightly relaxed fit, possibly unconstructed, but still have a complimentary cut that flatters the individual. The goal is easy wear, quick co-ordination, and versatility. When you want to travel light, or are unsure of how to dress in a particular situation, this sport jacket is the answer. Dress it up, dress it down, throw it on over whatever you decided to wear that day. It works.

Sport jackets have come a long way over the last few years. Men seem to understand them better than they have in the past and are more comfortable coordinating them with accessories. With the availability and affordability of custom garments, a gentleman’s choices are now greater than ever. We can choose from thousands of fabrics instead of the limited selection any store can afford to stock. Custom jackets can be personalized using a variety of pocket styles, lapels, contrasting pic stitch, elbow patches, linings, and much more. Let us not forget that there is nothing like a well-fitting garment.


An understanding of fabric performance is very important. If you want a sport jacket that can be worn in a variety of environments, you must choose wisely. True luxury fabrics might be too delicate for to a “go to” sport jacket. Luxury fabrics are more suited to occasional wear. On the other hand, a cotton or linen jacket might be too casual to provide the needed versatility. A fabric that holds its shape and resists wrinkles like a super 150 or high twist wool would do nicely. Always remember that when choosing a garment, you must match the fabric’s performance to your life style needs.

With all the available options and fabric choices, making a selection can be overwhelming, but if you take a moment and determine how you want to wear your new jacket and in what situations you see yourself wearing it, the choice becomes simpler. Your Custom Clothier can guide you through this process and make the experience pleasurable. After all, that is our job!